Challenge Success believes that our society has become too focused on grades, test scores, and performance, leaving little time for kids to develop the necessary skills to become resilient, ethical, and motivated learners. FIRST members, teachers, administrators, and staff consistently work to build positive relationships with students, to prevent bullying, to enhance school connectedness, to “capture kids’ hearts,” and to identify/intervene with students approaching crisis. Theater Arts- Drama Advanced (tryout required), Wood 1 Engineering, Design, & Fabrication, Drama Theater Arts-Drama Advanced (tryout required). 3. Some common middle school issues include academic support, friendship dilemmas, grief, family concerns, bullying, peer conflicts, divorce, anger management, college-preparation etc. Search for Middle School classmates, friends, family, and memories in one of the largest collections of Online Univeristy, College, Military, and High School Yearbook images and photos! How to Contact Mrs. Motter: HEWES DISTANCE COUNSELING WEBSITE For further information about school counseling, please click on the tab titles below. The area around Hewes looked very different at that time. How are Students Referred to the Counselor? Scheduling (master schedule, student schedules, Goal setting for college and career planning, High school transition plan for 8th grade students, Referrals to therapists for on-going counseling, On-going collaboration with teachers and all staff members, Stop in before school, during break, lunch or after-school to see if I am available, Promotes welfare of the class - better because they are there, Demonstrates personal and academic integrity, Responds appropriately to correction/remediation, Responds appropriately in classroom situations, Excessive talking and disruptive behavior, Consistently defiant / disrespectful / disruptive, No attempts to improve attitude / behavior, Prepared for class with books, materials and assignments, Avoids class participation or collaboration. Further, the recent Florida ordeal was initiated with a fire alarm pull. The “why” has already been explained, but the permission to act accordingly is the key piece of the puzzle. Our … By this measure, Hewes Middle students are largely upper income and rank 159th in California for middle school student family income. Hewes Middle School offers a variety of afterschool activities, so get involved and see where your talents take you in your educational journey. Hewes later opened in January of 1967. Progress reports will be mailed home at mid-quarter when a student is having problems in class or is in danger of failing a course. It applies to every emergency scenario we may face and has been endorsed by all of our policing agencies. Hewes physical environment is a priority to all members within this learning community. CA The tradition of honoring, "Rich Past, Bold Future," is honored in the academic programs offered at Hewes and supported by the staff to ensure students are provided a Middle New emergency equipment and supplies have been sent to all TUSD sites. What problems can be solved because of this? The Computer Lab is located in the library. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Watch this video for help choosing electives for 2020-2021. One eighth grade boy and one eighth grade girl will be selected by the staff as the winner of the coveted American Legion Award. 13001 Brian Kinnard, Assistent Principal ext. Therefore, teachers and administrators are asked to survey the situation and to maintain situational awareness throughout an ordeal. Examples of where this permission could have potentially saved lives was in Columbine/Sandy Hook where shelter in place was maintained for all classes even when it was known that the shooters were systematically coming down hallways from room to room. 5. Hewes Middle School - find test scores, ratings, reviews, and 62 nearby homes for sale at These generators are started and maintained in conjunction with AED battery testing at each site multiple times each year. Another essential element of the PSA protocol is the ability for staff and students to act swiftly based on their training and first-hand situational awareness. Great SRO (School Resource Officer) relationships also continue to pay dividends in other more routine ways each day. Fences and locked pedestrian gates at all campuses help to maintain security. After all, success is measured over the course of a lifetime, not at the end of a semester. Mr. Fresch worked in the Tustin Unified School District for 17 years before joining Hewes for the 20/21 school year. Mill Middle School faculty, staff dance to Bills “Shout” song Williamsville by: Evan Anstey Posted: Jan 22, 2021 / 12:31 PM EST / Updated: Jan 22, 2021 … Some assignments will require longer hours for research and class participation. Our Hewes' School Counselor, JoAnne Motter, is here to help! I am Suzie Kelley and am honored to serve as principal at Cabot Middle School North. Sound partnerships with local law enforcement/fire agencies are vital to making sure we can maintain a safe and effective learning environment for students and staff. Click HERE for a great Challenge Success time management tool for students. What does it MEAN? The default action of “Run or Hide” as utilized in other protocols may not be best due to the size of today’s schools. TUSD drills for many emergency scenarios on every campus, multiple times per year. We are aware that students are not sure what the process is to set up a meeting. Honors level students will receive a progress report for any mid-term progress at or below a “B-“. North Tustin, Presidio Middle School has a multicultural population of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Hewes Middle School - Tustin Unified School District, About Our School, WASC accredited, California Gold Ribbon Menu About Our School About Us START OF 20/21 SCHOOL … The most vital of these is our “PSA” or “Prepare, Survey, Act” protocol. Student Services staff attends the Safe Schools Conference each year to hear the latest advice from experts including leaders from the Department of Homeland Security. Data Text (quote or summary from a story or article), Provide reliable information that supports your claim, Acknowledgement of connections between ideas. The STEM program at Hewes continues to expand and push the limits into new possibilities. E2CCB at Orchard Park Middle School: Individual Tests Positive For COVID-19 January 10, 2021 - Read the letter to parents, faculty and staff... WNY P-TECH STEM College & Career Academy: Individual Tests Positive For COVID-19 We have learned research-based best practices from experts in the field and network with other school teams tackling similar challenges, to identify and implement policies and practices that improve student well-being, broaden the definition of success, and promote academic engagement. School Offices Attendance Line: 231.933.7444 Main Office 231.933.7300 231.933.7307 (fax) Alpha House Office Gr. Hewes Middle School celebrated 50 years on June 9, 2017. This includes new storage bins, solar chargers, food and water, and search/rescue equipment. 13000 Mel Schaffner, Attendance Secretary, 13004 Visitors to school campuses must sign in and enter campus through the main office once the school day begins. Selection is based on: 1) patriotism, 2) service to the school, 3) cooperation and courtesy, 4) leadership, 5) scholarship, and 6) morality, integrity and respect for property and people. 92705TEL: 714-730-7348FAX: 714-730-7315, Enrollment & Data Confirmation/Inscripción y Confirmación de Datos, 1990, 1999, 2005 - California Distinguished School. Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate teacher regarding these reports. While it would not be wise to disclose all elements of school safety planning to the general public, it should be known that all of our sites take preparation for a variety of anomalies very seriously. Hewes Middle School Wagstaff AM Core Wagstaff AM Core's Fundraising Page Feb 04, 2019 Welcome To Our Classroom's Fundraising Page! Though well protected from outside intrusion, the campus in itself provides a sense of openness that invites interaction and involvement. Assistant Principal. Tustin Unified School District was created from the 1972 voter-approved unification of the Tustin Elementary School District and the Tustin Union High School District. PACIFIC BEACH MIDDLE "PB Middle aims to provide a compassionate and caring environment that fosters student inquiry, critical thinking, communication, and holistic learning. Lock Blocks (or similar devices) are installed on every classroom in TUSD, allowing rooms to be secured from the inside. The principal of Hewes Middle School is Eric Kilian. A proper response to any emergency scenario begins by being knowledgeable, trained in possible responses, and equipped with the supplies to handle the situation. Achievement tests are administered to students at times and grade levels designated by the district and the state. Use keywords from the question or prompt in your claim. These drills are reported to and tracked by Student Services. 4. Trust built through years of work between TUSD and local authorities pays off when sites face events like the wild fire evacuations in 2017. … Students are expected to attend all classes promptly and to be well-prepared. CA 1. Glenn Close (born March 19, 1947) is an American actress and producer. According to legend and word of mouth, Hewes was scheduled to open in the fall of 1966, but as construction was behind, students instead opened the year attending Columbus Tustin in a double session. Titan HST (an instant-message-based app) allows for real-time communication between TUSD staff. The tradition of honoring, "Rich Past, Bold Future," is honored in the academic programs offered at Hewes and supported by the staff to ensure students are provided a 21st century learning environment. Gas-powered generators have been distributed to each site with medically fragile students to prevent medical issues as a result of lost power. The cause of death for many could not be confirmed, although it is … 92705TEL: 714-730-7348FAX: 714-730-7315, Leave a note for me in the front office (I have a box on my door), Let us know that we need to meet when you see me around campus (I love this! As a result of the passage of TUSD's 2004 Measure G, Hewes Middle School underwent major renovations. Each year Hewes PTA's Campus Beautification program and ASB raise thousands of dollars to add trees, benches, seating areas, umbrellas, flowers and fountains. We have good news! What does the text SAY? Picture all 3,000 plus students at Beckman “running” as an initial reaction to a crisis, and you will understand why it isn’t an ideal protocol on a high school campus. Knowing, however, that you have permission to run/hide/fight once you have situational awareness or when you have no other option could save lives. Hewes was selected as … At least one hour each day at home should be reserved for study, review and reading. School counselors are trained to listen to others and create a safe environment for students to share thoughts and feelings. Responsibility and  Results). Why and how does your evidence support your claim? The following steps are some of the actions taken in TUSD to prepare for a variety of emergency scenarios: The “Prepare, Survey, Act” protocol in place in TUSD differs from other “Run, Hide, Fight” or strict “Shelter in Place” protocols because it allows professionals the freedom to make appropriate decisions based on situational awareness. Galion Middle School Staff (419) 468-3134 Paul Wheeler, Principal ext. Hewes' Library is a calm, inviting space where students can find books for leisurely reading or to support research and other school assignments. What happened? Find Hewes Middle School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. Appointments may be scheduled in the office. A variety of clubs are available each year. Those were intended mainly for adults encountering a scenario in their workplace or other public venue. Policing agencies have also provided trainings to sites upon request. Hewes has assembled a team of educators, parents, and students, to explore initiatives that align with our school’s specific needs. These awards are given out  at our final school year assembly. 13002 Nicole Fagan, Secretary ext. Lincoln Middle School Add Tagline Follow Us Facebook Twitter Youtube About Programs Events Schedule Staff Gallery Parents Contact Us ← Back to Directory Staff Name Here SITE LEAD | … What are the implications (possible outcomes or results)? Your teachers, the PTA and administrators will provide ongoing information. TUSD has protocols in place for many different emergency situations ranging from natural disasters to active shooters. Throughout the school year, essay, art and other academic contest opportunities may be available for students to demonstrate ability and excellence. CRAWFORD COUNTY, Missouri — Nearly 100 people at Cuba Middle School in the Crawford County R-2 School District are under quarantine after a staff … Our classroom is fundraising for heroes like Kennedy through Pennies for Patients . Table-Top simulations of emergency scenarios are conducted by Cabinet and Student Services staff each year. These special awards are given to the top eighth grade Hewes students in each academic and elective area. TUSD will continue to train, learn, and improve safety for students and staff wherever we can. These events also serve as a reminder that we have to remain vigilant on our own campuses. School safety plans are updated each year at every campus. Award winners are recognized at the end-of-year awards assembly. We have been quite fortunate in that my son has had a good experience at Hewes. Students who like to participate and achieve at Hewes will find many ways to be challenged. Watch this slideshow for more on how to choose a 6th grade elective, Watch this slideshow for more on how to choose a 7th or 8th grade elective, Slideshow with more on how to choose a 7th or 8th grade elective, Hewes Middle School13232 Hewes Avenue This permission to make the right decision based on first-hand information is vital to saving lives in active shooter situations. Students of the Month are acknowledged for their contributions to Hewes Middle School. The primary goal of Hewes Middle School is to provide appropriate learning experiences for every student to achieve personal academic success. The default action may be to lock down when the campus becomes unsafe due to an intruder or police activity in an area, but knowing you have permission to run/fight/barricade your class within the room/evacuate out a window or off campus gives a professional many more options that could be more appropriate in a given circumstance. Referrals are made by teachers, parents and students (self-referrals). Any student with a 3.5 grade point average or higher in a full academic program will be considered on Honor Roll each semester. This is said in hind-sight, but shows the importance of being aware of a scenario before acting. Hewes Middle School13232 Hewes Avenue Hewes' Mission is to maximize student learning and personal responsibility through a rigorous curriculum, a respectful environment, and the collaborative efforts of staff, students and parents. Often compared to a Hacienda, classrooms encircle the central quad areas where students, staff and parent volunteers gather outside of instructional periods. 6-8, A-L 231.933.7350 231.933.7347 (fax) Omega House Office Got Yearbook - EMS Have your ordered your Trojan yearbook yet? How do you know that? Approximately twenty of the top eighth grade citizens are selected each year to receive special recognition for their outstanding behavior and attitude. The Woodmere Middle School faculty and staff are devoted to creating a safe and supportive environment where students can learn, succeed, and are encouraged to take risks. Escape out a back door/window may have been an option, but wasn’t allowed. My favorite part of the counseling process is collaborating with students to create a variety of appropriate solutions. As you begin the new school year work to set SMART Goals that allow you to achieve academic success. Even with these resources and experiences, the best way to be prepared for an incident of any kind is to be proactive. We are proud of the tradition we’ve built and look forward to helping future generations “Learn, Achieve, Lead.” Grade reports will be mailed home at the close of each semester. Hewes Middle School celebrated 50 years on June 9, 2017. Emergency radios are in place at each site. It is located in Tustin, a city in Orange County, California, United States. in school quality compared to other school… Several Eagle Scout projects have also added to the overall enhancement of the campus grounds. 2. These iPads contain all site-level emergency plans, student emergency card data, and campus/utilities maps for each site. Understanding that there is nothing “automatic” about an evacuation, and that teachers need to maintain situational awareness may have resulted in getting students back into classrooms more quickly. I am available to all students, parents and staff. School counselors develop comprehensive guidance programs aimed at meeting the academic, personal/social, and career needs of all students. We are committed to delivering a standards-based education of highest quality to all students. STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Six students at Steamboat Springs Middle School and 15 district staff members are in quarantine until Monday after being close contacts with a positive COVID-19 case at the school. The Hewes spirit award is given to students who show the most school spirit and, model the  3 R's (Respect. 6% of the Hewes Middle School students are "limited in English proficiency." Deputies searched and cleared the schools and the lockdowns were lifted by later in … Students have several options: We realize that some students may feel shy or nervous about coming in to the office to meet with a school counselor for the first time. Hewes Middle School will be honored as one of the nation’s best public schools at ceremonies Thursday and Friday in Washington. During this renovation Hewes received a new roof, exterior doors, drinking fountains, concrete walkways, paint, handicap railings, and upgraded staff, student and physical education bathrooms. Their deaths bring the number of MPS staff to die in the past two months to at least seven. Some may be recipients of one of numerous awards given in scholarship, electives, athletics, citizenship, and service. Middle school is an ideal time for self-development, personal/social growth, and setting academic goals. The Hewes Spirit award is given by every 6th and 7th grade teacher to 2 outstanding students. Hewes Middle School and Foothill High School were both placed on lockdown. Grades, behavior and attitude throughout all three years at Hewes Middle School will be considered when choosing American Legion Awards recipients. All students begin with an "S" in citizenship and work habits and must show the characteristics of an "O" to earn that mark on their report card. Hewes Middle School is a public middle school in North Tustin. 6. As you already know, CMSN is an amazing place. All written work must have an appropriate heading (including full name, date, and class period); must be legible and on a standard size of notebook paper, and have correct grammar usage with correct punctuation and spelling. The guidance counselor is available to discuss particular concerns. Administrative and teacher training is provided each year on emergency response. 15.3% percent of the school's students are eligible for free lunch under the National School Lunch Program compared to the California middle school median of 55.5%. These ongoing beautification efforts have greatly enhanced the Hewes’ campus appearance. In 2019/20, Hewes Middle School is partnered with Foothill High School (along with other high schools in our district) in Stanford’s Challenge Success program, which uses a specific framework to drive policy and practice changes that lead to more balanced and engaging school communities. The library is also a favorite spot to tackle schoolwork, recharge devices or relax for a quiet moment. ), Hand me a note when you see me around campus if you do not want anyone to overhear, Ask your teacher at an appropriate time if you can come to the office, Enrollment & Data Confirmation/Inscripción y Confirmación de Datos. Student Services staff, Administrators, M&O (Maintenance and Operations) staff, and school resource officers perform school safety walks each year on every campus in TUSD. Each time a tragedy impacts a school somewhere in the U.S., there is a reaction felt across every other school community. North Tustin, Hewes Middle School located in Santa Ana, California - CA. Special iPads for use in emergency scenarios have also been distributed to all sites. Students should listen for club information during These students are selected for this honor in one of four categories: 1) Positive Attitude; 2) Student Leadership; 3) Consideration and Courtesy; and 4) Academic Improvement or Excellence. Staff Hello CMSN Families! Rye Neck Middle School Rye Neck’s commitment to ongoing development coupled with a passionate and caring staff, lays the foundation for a top-notch education. This school is rated above average in school quality compared to other schools in California. Students achieving Honor Roll for all six semesters will receive special recognition. Largest collection of old middle school yearbooks on the Internet. All students will have the opportunity to become successful internationally-minded lifelong learners who use their skills, knowledge, understanding, and attitudes to solve real-life problems and create a healthy … Student Services and Administrative Services meet with local law enforcement multiple times per year to assure alignment and effective communication. A good example of a coordinated drill effort is the “Great California Shake Out” that happens each October. 983 students go to Hewes Middle The Hewes facility, opened in 1966, reflects a caring and nurturing environment. For further information about school counseling, please click on the tab titles below. "Long considered one of the great actresses of our time", according to Vanity Fair, [1] she is the recipient of numerous awards, including three Primetime Emmy Awards, three Tony Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards.. While it may be appropriate to “lock down” or “shelter in place” as a general first step in a given situation, a teacher feeling their students are in imminent danger by doing so may make the decision to evacuate students to an area they find safer. The highest honor an 8th grade student can receive is given at the Promotion Ceremony.