Durability - Bamboo, surprisingly, is as durable as the hardest oak and 50 percent more stable. Not surprisingly, it has a good camera and other useful tools as well. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Surprisingly quotes from YourDictionary: Her voice is surprisingly rich for a girl in her early teens, and she has more personality than many pop starlets her age, especially those in the Disney stable. The idea of spending her days with the reserved Sofi and cheerful Bianca was surprisingly appealing, though she couldn't help feeling intimidated by their happiness. Wool works surprisingly well for most parents. The list of winter flowering plants is surprisingly long. Here, surprisingly, as we glimpse his grief our natural antipathy toward the creator of this chaos turns in on itself. Their advice can be genuinely valuable (and is often surprisingly positive, ) and having them involved is considered virtuous by the QAA. redaction of material in the Gospels is surprisingly in-depth for such a short book. Perhaps not surprisingly, sickness absenteeism for the preceding 24 months is 0% . Surprisingly, step-in crampons can be made to fit on fell-running shoes very well - on occasion. Surprisingly, perhaps, the most famous principle of classical Stoicism, 'Live in accordance with nature! Not surprisingly, the satellite cell phone market in Canada is not nearly as competitive and widespread as the consumer cell phone market. While Dean's assailant had not worn gloves, surprisingly, to Dean at least, there were no trace­able fingerprints on the weapon. Not surprisingly, he didn’t come. The product is surprisingly durable and really won our hearts as we ran it through a gamut of tests. 60 / 75k. Ruby purple in color, coupled with high glycerin levels, result in a surprisingly green wine. JC: Visitors who passed through in the late 19th century saw very little big game, surprisingly enough. Seabirds were surprisingly scarce, a few Manx Shearwater near Penzance being the highlight. The beauty of pink hair is, surprisingly, in its versatility. It takes under a minute for a piranha to strip you to the bone, but surprisingly two thirds of piranha species are vegetarian! The details proved surprisingly uncomplicated. 152- Tyler Munro of Sputnikmusic stated “Dark, dense and paranoid, Rising Down is surprisingly better for it”. Not surprisingly, experts indicate that 39% of today's graduates have debt levels that exceed what is recommended for their entry level salaries. Examples of unsurprisingly in a sentence, how to use it. The other remains within the city walls are of surprisingly small importance; near the picturesque church of S. "Yes," she answered in a surprisingly somber voice. Surprisingly, French soldiers arrived by taxi to fight the Battle of the Marne in World War One. How to use unsurprisingly in a sentence. A surprisingly large crowd of fellow early risers was up for first dibs on the freshly groomed runs. With Children made a surprisingly enjoyable web television show about the life of a former child star. There are "veggieburgers" that can be grilled like hamburgers, and vegetarian substitutes for hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken, turkey, ham, bologna, pastrami, and sausage with surprisingly authentic textures and taste. Not surprisingly, you will not find any information easily available on the Jitterbug website - though you can easily find out how to tell them how much you love their phones. Surprisingly enough, the lithosphere is made up of only a few major tectonic plates. There is a hint at seaside in the light, shiplap boarding and bright, plain render, Bottom fishing for bargains in the stocks of distressed companies is a, And I was already suffering from a brain-melting lack of sleep anyway. Not surprisingly, the lithe and exotic Alba often lands on men's lists of sexy celebrity women. Carrot wine, surprisingly enough, was really delicious, especially after being washed down with a hearty swig of strawberry wine. Bananas make a surprisingly big difference in your hung-over day. These native grasses, even the thin bunch varieties of dry hills, are surprisingly nutritious, comparing very favourably with cultivated grasses. Yet for whatever reason, Spasmo sees him in surprisingly restrained mood. Not surprisingly Liverpool, unbeaten in 11 league games, are clear favorites to win. Not surprisingly, there 27 Jun 2006: Column 157 were some very, very vested interests. To the west of Chertsey are Lyne and Longcross, villages that are surprisingly rural in appearance with well farmed land on all sides. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most sexy items a woman can own, and not only because black is generally a slimming color. Bed frames are made of 12-gauge steel that boasts surprisingly easy assembly that requires no hardware. Hilton Glasgow, Glasgow Hilton Glasgow is the city center's only five-star hotel yet is surprisingly child-orientated. Surprisingly, after earning no commission for three months, Mike earned $12,000 in one week. Nevertheless, insights such as this can be integrated into contemporary scientific theorizing about cognition and the brain with surprisingly fruitful results. The streets were packed with people, but I saw surprisingly few other gringos or tourists. The Lego Star Wars games have fared surprisingly well in the crowded Star Wars games market. Not surprisingly, several of these kinds of games have been translated into the world of comic books and graphic novels as well. With clothes designed especially for plus size women, and prices surprisingly low, it earns that popularity. We needn't have worried tho as it was more of a drift down the river (surprisingly swift ). Surprisingly, a few minor changes to your life may significantly reduce your level of stress. But it was a surprisingly downbeat evening, rather than a celebratory one. Surprisingly, permanent makeup is less likely to cause irritation and discomfort. Less expensive - Boxed wine is generally cheaper than most brands of bottled wines and if you find the right brand of boxed wine, it is also surprisingly high in quality. In a way that causes surprise because it is unexpected, or unusual. matrix composites of superior properties at surprisingly modest cost. These haunting lyrics made famous by Billie Holiday were surprisingly penned by a Jewish schoolteacher from the Bronx. Interestingly, and perhaps not altogether, The book itself is handsomely presented, but, She's taken quite a few lately with her mum's phone camera and they are, It's a gritty, violent, amoral action thriller with plenty of twists and some, The same rock solid gameplay, replete with superb control and, But the zingers keep coming, and, perhaps, Otley had the advantage of a strong wind in the first-half and not, The distance over which a boat crew has line of sight is, Pitt says there was a certain beauty in his marriage to Aniston, and, On the other hand, the libertarian socialist critique of consumerism appears, However, they were forced to admit that his life drawings of his brother were, Mocha ware, with its brightly patterned surfaces and, It was a shame that my body weight was still, The pilaf was prepared with boiled potatoes, which, He discusses his entire career, warts and all, in breathtaking and, As a result the clan stalwart and laird was tried by a jury of Campbells and, not, Ten small beggar's purses, tender and light, contained a, Simulations show that these approximations perform reasonably well over a, For a film that carries so much brutality and pain this is a, This is not just a random grab at topicality but a, Naming is a potential minefield, with numerous pitfalls that can be, With an intro that's absolute insane scratch work, Flow maintains a feverish and, Inside are to be found the two pilots in a. Not surprisingly, you take control of Clark Kent and Superman for the duration of this game, which is said to offer between six and 10 hours of gameplay in the single-player story mode. For a cottage, the house is surprisingly spacious. It might seem like a daunting task at first, but tracking down plus size bike shorts in Canada is made surprisingly easy thanks to the growing number of retailers specializing in plus size active wear. Surprisingly tho, playing Snooker on the smaller table can prove tricky in the early stages of the game. His big hands were surprisingly gentle as he wrapped her foot and secured it with tiny safety pins. Surprisingly there is little regional variation in building cost. It is surprisingly easy to give a vegan alternative to the traditional meat roast. 2. Surprisingly, the idea was more than a little intimidating. GoGamer sells new games, but they feature a mailing list with seasonal specials on older games at surprisingly low prices. Examples of surprisingly in a sentence: 1. Iain Mees Great little box, and surprisingly quiet. Apricot is surprisingly great on so many different skin tones that it's practically the holy grail of blushes. This cool amp was probably made ca 1960-1963 and is in surprisingly good shape - actually, it is almost immaculate. Surprisingly, she did so, as he could tell from her measured breathing. Though they aren't as graphically varied from each other as in Super Mario 64, the levels are surprisingly well-designed. While some adults may think teenagers only want the latest gadgets or fashions, teens can be surprisingly open to gifts that come from the heart. Surprisingly, poor investment performance is rarely the reason for failure. Even now we know surprisingly little about the causes of variation, and not many years ago it was frequently asserted that there was no such thing as reversion or throwing back to an ancestor. Surprisingly enough, he was looking forward to the fresh milk and cheese. Surprisingly tho, the site wasn't too mucky, then the rain went off and the sun even came out for a bit! epilogueis a short epilog, set a few years later, which presents a nice twist in a surprisingly clever way. Very surprisingly, the adult cell DNA was able to give rise to a complete individual, not just more udder cells. caviar sandwich as a special treat and it's salty but surprisingly palatable. Each of the six modes are available for solo play, and the computer AI is surprisingly good. When you're at work, if you have a lot of workmates, it's surprisingly difficult to build a consensus. Not surprisingly, several of these single titles have spawned entire franchises, comprised of several different games, often times across several different consoles and platforms. Cynthia offered the dessert but, surprisingly, Fred declined. monologuets a chance to tell her story, through the surprisingly effective device of a monolog spoken directly to the camera. This condition is surprisingly common, and manifests as an itchy, flaky scalp. The four series were filmed on location with, For a renowned screamer, his voice was in, The respectability of conspiracy theories in that sense is, Preserving the full-frame aspect ratio of the television broadcast, the video here is clean, bright, and, The text is broken up by just four illustrations, one musical example and, In terms of leading a political life, she's doing the absolute best thing for herself by keeping on as a, Every 12 hours the water level oscillates between high tide and low tide, but the pattern of tidal waves is, Sure, you too may have received credit from your supplier, but balancing the debits and credits is, Detached from canvas or ground, acrylic paint proves itself here to be a, The libretto was re-written for raciness and local flavour and sung in English with surtitles, which seems redundant but was, Like many a group before them, they had met at art school, and not, The Pirates' defense fired the ball to third where Bond was, It turns out that the bulk of the world's millionaires, for example, are, The take-off from Edinburgh Airport main runway is slotted in between two scheduled flights and it is, The results of the water test showed that pollution was, Maguire, silver-haired but with a youthful face, looks, One of the universal observations by shooters who have fired the short magnums is their, A quick scan of the area revealed her mother, who, not, These fish are not only amazingly well camouflaged but to me are, The long grass ripples like the ocean waves under the, Despite his new-found conservatism, Coleridge retained some, Anzac had anchored in the ancient seaport of Alexandria after a, The front seats are comfortable and supportive, as are those in the rear, where leg room is, Considering the strong currents and whirlpools, the north-east side proved, The bundle of clothes stirred and a fairly groggy Sukari sat up, hair, The driver has a very good position behind the wheel, and it is, The book contains addition, subtraction, multiplication and, very, It was only yesterday morning that she had bechanced to see it, not, The great emperor was revealed sitting on a throne, crowned and sceptered, and, The notes flowed together like a stream of melody, and the tune was, There is almost no extra noise, and the music features, But when meshed all together into a teleplay, they seem to work, Resisting the temptation to play her broad too broadly, she creates a, By contrast, Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton handles himself, For a self-confessed policy wonk, these memoirs contain, Through most of the Neogene, tropical America has been biogeographically divided into two, And the inflammatory I vamps a reporter shamelessly in a, It's 30 minutes before show time and it's dark and, Another John is a saucy southerner who talked about two Americas while, The pizza is as you'd expect, with a thick crust and lots of toppings, but we found it, The majority of talks actually attended were generally either. It is softly and elegantly aggressive, sculpted to express the powerful personality of a prestigious high performance, surprisingly roomy car. Nevertheless, he muddled through the mire in a surprisingly good frame of mind. Yet it is not emotionally barren, as this might suggest, but surprisingly poignant. Her first solo swing was surprisingly successful. Bartering for a burial plot Genesis 22 has, not surprisingly, provided inspiration to many artists. Dividers can be functional or they can simply be an added touch to your room, but no matter what your reason for wanting a room divider, they are surprisingly easy to build. Quinn obliged, surprisingly without argument. 151- Even Bagrat IV of Georgia was considered but surprisingly not the Bagratuni King Gagik-Abas of Kars. Getting your hands on a beauty supply catalog is, not surprisingly, extremely easy in this technology-driven age. However, despite an encouraging performance from his players, Magpies manager Carl Taylor seemed surprisingly subdued. The inscription of Si-ngan-fu (before 781) proves a surprisingly widespread extension of the Christian faith in that country. The mineral exports are surprisingly small. After attending the awards, Hilton, not surprisingly, wanted to attend one of the hottest parties in town. That was certainly a surprising turn of events! 44. Also, of course, there would be flint but, surprisingly, most probably very broken and unsuitable for knapping. Surprisingly enough, boredom can also cause stress. Purchased from developer Archetype Interactive, initially with the thoughts of using the technology to bring 3DO's Might and Magic franchise to online play, Meridian 59 was a small effort that did surprisingly well. One available promotion allows you to buy two complete pairs of eyeglasses for a surprisingly low price. Surprisingly, the actual data needed is not voluminous; in fact it is very little. use "surprisingly" in a sentence Surprisingly, about 40% of the people of Argentina are originally from italy, compared to 30% who come from Spain. Surprisingly, there are also no dramatic effects of laterality; lesions to either side of the brain seem to produce virtually the same effects. 2. 11 to no. But at the center is a surprisingly touching story about a family trying to survive in the world. Examples of Surprisingly in a sentence. I had a great weekend and I feel surprisingly sprightly for a Monday, which is always a bonus. Leaving aside the tunics, the scene is surprisingly modern, even down to the shape of the bricklayer's trowel. There was no packet loss and no reordering of the packets Surprisingly, there is a slight variation in the minimum rtt. Wildlife and geology = biodiversity Teignbridge has a wonderful wealth of wildlife and surprisingly varied geology. As with the science of fermentation, it took a surprisingly long time for anybody to find answers to such questions. Mature trees have some drought tolerance because the extensive root system can travel surprisingly long distances to get water. Letters of complaint were surprisingly … The construction of such a device is surprisingly straightforward, but you will need to have a rudimentary understanding of the tools and mechanisms involved. The pigment is surprisingly rich and long lasting, which is quite a feat for a creamy product that one would expect to slide right off as the day wears on. The controls are surprisingly tight and responsive, effectively utilizing the Hulk's strength and agility causing the giant, green mass of Oedipal anger to feel more like your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Sentence examples for surprisingly from inspiring English sources. surprisingly sentence in English. Not surprisingly, the explorable map of Manhattan is larger in the game based on the third movie than it is in the game based on the second movie. While some of these kids fall into a variety of scandals, others grow up to lead surprisingly normal lives. Surprisingly the weapon we found least useful was the rocket launcher, acquired about half-way through the game. theorizeheless, insights such as this can be integrated into contemporary scientific theorizing about cognition and the brain with surprisingly fruitful results. Not surprisingly, there aren't very many listed at one time, but if you search "Riddick goggles" you're bound to come up with a pair. Homemade compost bins are surprisingly easy to make and are a great way to produce nutritious compost for your garden. Rest assured, however, that babies are surprisingly resilient and tough. Bottoms: Not surprisingly, the range of bottoms is immense. Many independent jewelers can create one of a kind pieces of jewelry at surprisingly competitive prices. After the detailed tabulation had been completed, it was shown that the number of persons under ten years of age in 18go was surprisingly small, and that this deficiency in children was a leading cause of the slow growth in population. In any case, such imitation seems surprisingly rare except in a modeling experiment using specially prepared videos. All Rights Reserved. Surprisingly, some of the best deals come from within the park itself. Make a surprisingly diverse variety of sounds ranging from humming, beeping, drumming, even use your own voice. One of the most interesting findings is that only 2 per cent of the left-handers surveyed have two left-handed parents. Tundra Cabbage is surprisingly tasty and tender for an over-wintered cabbage. Surprisingly it didn't, which made my inner geek 's day. Not surprisingly, the Voyager comes with the full slate of V CAST functionality as well. arcades of the nave are surprisingly different in character tho of similar date. With a small whimper, Anna leaned forward, kissed the surprisingly cold signet, then silently cursed the man who wore it. Purchasing a printer that is no longer commercially available is a surprisingly viable option for saving money when shopping for electronics. Surprising sentence examples. Her voice was surprisingly good. surprisingly definition is - in a surprising manner : to a surprising degree. The cost is surprisingly low: $16.95, plus you get 30% off if you buy two or more items from the website. Surprisingly cheerful and sunny day for the top of the Macc! Translations in context of "BUT SURPRISINGLY" in english-french. Not surprisingly, these systems are expensive upfront, even though they usually pay for themselves over time. It was surprising to see how serenely he sailed off with unruffled breast when he came to the surface, … A company based losses at more affect the photographic difference was surprisingly imperceptible. It's surprisingly versatile: The styling options can range from soft and sweet to sharp and edgy. William Potter: The first issue has got a Spectrum Shooter - which is a foam dart gun - which is surprisingly good actually! Surprisingly, people with CVID will usually have a normal number of B cells, the type of white blood cells (B-cell lymphocytes) that make antibodies to fight infection. 1- The word “responsibility” is surprisingly modern. The recipe takes a surprisingly small number of materials. Perhaps surprisingly, SBS believes that the issues of quality are essentially identical for these two apparently disparate aims. He had recently heard of the attempt of a French republican general, Malet, to seize the public offices at Paris, a quixotic adventure which had come surprisingly near to success owing to the assurance with which that officer proclaimed the news of the emperor's death in Russia. Park tickets include free admission to the evening concerts, and the park hosts some surprisingly popular acts for a relatively unknown venue. He didn't tell her of his escalating concerns over the Shipton case, nor, surprisingly did she ask about it. Not surprisingly, some phones simply have better reception than others and the same can be said about service providers in certain regions. The most conspicuous deficiency was in regard to our Lord's teaching, of which, as we have seen, St Mark had given surprisingly little. The UK's medium-sized enterprises are moving surprisingly rapidly to fully converged voice and data networks. Not surprisingly, the tall vent from the old gents toilet has disappeared. Many teenagers are surprisingly ignorant about current politics. A great part of the northern deserts is as barren of animal life as of vegetation, and the dense humid forests of the south shelter surprisingly few species. Eldad64960Surprisingly, he swims even on cold days. The conversation droned on for twenty minutes but Dean was never read his rights nor, surprisingly, was the interview recorded. John's aunt died suddenly and left him a surprisingly large sum. The former agrees surprisingly with that given by the only other foreign resident we know of, Pyrard de la Val, two hundred and fifty years later. Ralph Fiennes takes number one, and surprisingly, John Lithgow sits at number three. The excavations revealed a main road of surprisingly narrow dimensions winding up from the Agora to the Acropolis. This can be done in a surprisingly brief statement. Surprisingly, the flour produced by the milling process is a fine powder without any lumps. After a long preamble, the result is described] * US admits Mosul killings [The incident is, not surprisingly, confused. Not surprisingly, the cheat console is activated in exactly the same fashion as all the Sims game before it. Surprisingly, Mark fragrances are very appealing and don't have the heavy alcohol content often found in inexpensive fragrances. Surprisingly for a few, 2007's rejects included Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Keys and Britney Spears. A surprisingly popular cat toy from Go Cat, Da Bird is an aerodynamically designed feather toy that mimics the movements of a real bird. I love playing unknown games like Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage because, most of the time, they're surprisingly good. The UK 's medium-sized enterprises are moving surprisingly rapidly to fully converged voice and data networks. The chief argument against this is that it seems paradoxical to think of Africa rather than Rome as the home of the first Latin version; but it must be remembered that Roman Christianity was originally Greek, and that the beginnings of a Latin church in Rome seem to be surprisingly late.