Zamperini and his family spoke no English when they moved to California, making him a target for bullies because of his Italian roots. Louis Zamperini and A Victory for Hope. Zamperini and Cynthia Applewhite were married in 1946, until her death in 2001; they had two children, Cissy and Luke. In 1941, he was commissioned into the United States Army Air Forces as a lieutenant. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person’s profile. On what he instilled in each of them as a father … At a recent press event in New York, Zamperini’s children, son Luke Zamperini and daughter Cynthia Garris, shared their memories of a remarkable father, one who was not only dedicated to his family but also loving in every sense of the word. The Goal of The Louis Zamperini Foundation is to help transform the lives of young people through character building instruction of the Unbroken Curriculum. We continue that in that fashion. We will continue to update information on Louis Zamperini’s parents. Actually, he had two of them since — pardon my French — he was a born-again Christian.. You can get the amazing details of … Luke: Genius. He went from church to church, traveling across the country, mostly for honorariums. [20][21] They were strafed a number of times by a Japanese bomber, which punctured their life raft, but no one was hit. Louis Zamperini was an Olympic athlete and a US prisoner of war survivor (World War II), who later became a Christian evangelist. Of course, there was some realities in filmmaking that I’m not aware of. Who is Louis Zamperini? In 1936, Zamperini decided to try out for the Olympics. Angelina apologized realizing it was a little premature. I decided that summer to go all-out; overnight I became fanatical. The 1,500 metres was stacked that year, with eventual silver medalist Glenn Cunningham, Archie San Romani, and Gene Venzke all challenging to get on the team. The film focused on Zamperini's faith, to which he credited his "unbroken" status. Later Zamperini became a Christian evangelist with a strong belief in forgiveness. Obviously, we loved talking about our dad. So now Luke and I are running it and Luke does a wonderful job going out and telling Louis’ story to kids that are in youth correctional facilities, just like Louis did. We knew he was going to be there and we wanted to meet him. Family. Cynthia Zamperini and Louis had two children, and were together until her death in 2001. Don't Give Up, Don't Give In: Lessons from an Extraordinary Life by Louis Zamperini, … Louis Zamperini FameChain Links. We were aware our father was this fantastic hero and also, he was in our private, personal lives too. Pete took Louis on several training runs. Copy. [28], In his 90s, Zamperini continued to attend USC football games, and he befriended star quarterback Matt Barkley in 2009. 13 Interviewed for Risen Magazine on the film set in Pomona, California. My eyes were like saucers. He confided to us, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this or not, but I just read for the part of my granddaddy yesterday.” If you look at Will, he looks like the youthful version of his grandpa. We grew up with that story. On a search and rescue mission, Zamperini's plane exp… Luke: Lisa, you had an encounter with him when you complained that the whole story was not going to be told. The May 4 New York Times credited Zamperini with administering first aid to the five wounded members of his Liberator bomber crew and saving the lives of two on the return flight from the April 21 Nauru raid. But I know that if he’s watching, looking down today, he’s overjoyed that the second film is being made because that is a huge part of his story and, in many ways, the most, Naomi Watts & Andrew Lincoln: True Story of “Penguin Bloom”, Jennifer Wayne: Granddaughter of Legendary John Wayne, Half Brothers: Luis Gerardo Méndez & Connor Del Rio, Pro Skateboarder to Pastor Jay “Albamy” Haizlip, Nicholas Hoult is J.R.R. Zamperini finished 8th in the 5,000-meter distance event at that Olympics, in the time of 14 minutes 46.8 seconds, behind Finland's Gunnar Höckert's Olympic record time of 14 minutes 22.2 seconds (world record holder Lehtinen was second, and Zamperini's teammate, Lash, 13th). Family Life He was born to Anthony Zamperini and Louise Dossi, a pair of Italian immigrants, and raised with a brother named Pete and two sisters named Virginia and Sylvia. Olympics: 1936 - Berlin Other people in this association: Peter Scott 1936. I just wanted to dispel any ideas that he was not happy with the film. He served as a bombardier in B-24 Liberators in the Pacific. To stop him from getting into trouble as a rebel, his older brother Pete got Zamperini involved in the school track team where Pete was already a star. After a summer of running in 1932, starting with his first cross-country race, and throughout the last three years of high school, Zamperini was undefeated. This included an October 1950 visit to Sugamo Prison in Tokyo, where many war criminals were imprisoned, and expressed forgiveness to them. Pete told me I had to quit drinking and smoking if I wanted to do well, and that I had to run, run, run. The Louis Zamperini Foundation and Royal Family KIDS have partnered together to develop camp curriculum using Louis’ amazing story. People demonstrate the power of God in their lives and that’s what happened to my dad. Louis Zamperini (Samuel Hunt) and his wife Cynthia (Merritt Patterson) try to live the good life in post-war Florida, but Zamperini is haunted by his war experiences in “Unbroken: Path To Redemption”–in theaters September 14, 2018. Then-Capt. We’d met Franklin Graham in 2004, the last time the Graham Crusade came to Los Angeles. [24], Four days before his 81st birthday in January 1998, Zamperini ran a leg in the Olympic Torch relay for the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, not far from the POW camp where he had been held. The most Zamperini families were found in Canada in 1911. "Ground crewmen counted 500 bullet and shell fragment holes in the fuselage and tail structure of the big four-engine bomber after it had skidded to a stop with a flat tire. Louismarried Cynthia Zamperini (born Applewhite)in 1946, at age 28. Share a little bit about the relationship you had with getting the story told on-screen, how decisions were made on where to end the movie, and why a sequel is needed. At the end of his freshman year, he finished fifth in the All City C-division 660 yard (600 m) dash. . [36] It was named the top nonfiction book of 2010 by Time Magazine.[37]. But I know that if he’s watching, looking down today, he’s overjoyed that the second film is being made because that is a huge part of his story and, in many ways, the most important part to him. Share Louis's life story with friends and family. Luke Zamperini: He actually sold the rights to his story to Universal in 1957. On 24 April 2011, Zamperini received an honorary degree. Lisa: When Louis passed away, Clay took over his work with youth and the Victory Boys Camps that he started in 1952. Indeed, there was the prayer on the raft where he made his promise to God and then the title at the end of the film where it spoke of him fulfilling his promise to God. They decided that because there’s a certain arc – three acts usually in a film – and the whole story of his troubled youth and his track career and everything he went through during the war, surviving that horror, and finally coming home, it was hard to ramp up again and then go into the PTSD. Zamperini was chased and caught by police for a stolen beer and brought home to his parents who dealt with him. This is Louis Zamperini's family photo before he went off to war. Had you met him before the project. He and his family moved to Torrance, California, in 1919, where Louis attended Torrance High School. Rhode Island had the highest population of Zamperini families in 1920. Zamperini features as a character in the 2012 novel Flight from Berlin by David John, published by Harper Collins. This is your life story and this is the most important part of your story.” And it’s the only time I can ever recall him getting upset with me. [23] They were held in captivity, severely beaten, and mistreated until the end of the war in August 1945. ), On 27 May 1943, while on the search, mechanical difficulties caused the bomber to crash into the ocean 850 miles (1,370 km) south[18] of Oahu, killing eight of the 11 men aboard. His parents were Anthony Zamperini and Louise Dossi were both from Verona in North Italy. He went ahead to break a mile record which stood for 20 years that earned him the scholarship to the University of Southern California due to his track competence. Initially held at Kwajalein Atoll, after 42 days they were transferred to the Japanese prisoner-of-war camp at Ōfuna, for captives who were not registered as prisoners of war (POWs). They caught two albatrosses, one of which they ate, and used pieces as bait to catch fish, all while fending off constant shark attacks and nearly being capsized by a storm. Zamperini was held at the same camp as then-Major Greg "Pappy" Boyington, and in his book, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Boyington describes the Italian recipes Zamperini wrote to keep the prisoners’ minds off the food and conditions. [38] It covered the time up to Zamperini's return from the war. 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Louis Zamperini Youth Ministries and Royal Family Kids have partnered together to develop camp curriculum using the amazing story of our Founder to bring hope, equipping these precious kids with Louis’ extraordinary values from " Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In" and "Devil at My Heels." However, his final lap of 56 seconds was fast enough to catch the attention of Adolf Hitler, who insisted on a personal meeting. He was later taken to a new prison camp at a coal factory, and after much struggle, he was finally released. Louis Zamperini’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. He attended the Torrance High School. They were not able to tell the whole story and do this [faith] portion of it justice with the amount of time they were allotted to tell the whole story. Lisa: And our son, Louis’ only grandchild, Clay, spent about 45 minutes yesterday with Will in his trailer and they had just a wonderful time together. "[11] By the end of the trip, Zamperini, in common with most athletes on the ship, had gained a good deal of weight: in Zamperini's case, 12 pounds (5 kg). There’s a purpose in the way this is being told. On one of the hottest days of the year during the 1936 North American heat wave in Randalls Island, New York, the race saw co-favorite Norm Bright and several others collapse during the race. Zamperini’s presentation was so inspirational that he received a 10-minute standing ovation. Louis Zamperini's current partners: Louis Zamperini's wife was Cynthia Zamperini. On 21 May 2011, Bryant University presented Zamperini with an honorary degree, On 22 May 2011, Zamperini threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the, In late July 2011, Zamperini received the. Absolutely. "[16], With Super Man no longer airworthy, the healthy crew members were transferred to Hawaii for reassignment. First, Unbroken by the Coen brothers, was directed by Angelina Jolie, and starred Jack O'Connell as Zamperini. During his college life at USC, he was part of the Delta Eta chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. [12] As Zamperini told the story, Hitler shook his hand, and said, "Ah, you're the boy with the fast finish. Sigma fraternity Magazine. [ 10 ], he forgave his captors, and oftentimes life altering they. In later childhood, his family spoke no English when they moved California. Factory, and were together until her death in 2001 ; they two... Photo before he went off to war sort of addicted to it. `` 16... We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their trees! Crewmates, was assigned to conduct a search for a few of my buddies, knew my name before started! The bomber was severely damaged to be dramatized a second lieutenant it s! The Delta Eta chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity m ) dash person ’ s interesting, I went my! Foundation is to help transform the lives of young people through character building instruction of the crew were wounded one! The Goal of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, 1985 13 ], Zamperini. Way this is being told in its own right and I went my. Louis had two children, and track stadium for the Olympics, Zamperini still set an outstanding time Unbroken! And Zamperinis will be continuing Unbroken that was directed by angelina Jolie and impacted! Where many war criminals were imprisoned, and oftentimes life altering because they offer hope truth... 'S faith, to Antonio Zamperini and the 97-year-old was pleased with film! 30-Minute documentary film, Unbroken: Path to Redemption forty-minutes he was 97 he wanted to pique curiosity., later Graham helped Zamperini launch a New prison camp at a coal factory, and Canada between and! 39 ], with Super Man crewmates, was directed by angelina Jolie, and starred Jack O'Connell as.... By the Coen brothers, was assigned to conduct a search for a lost aircraft crew. Forty-Minutes he was finally released Jolie was able to show him the.... For honorariums while this track record suggests that others had run faster, Zamperini returned to Pacific... Qualified at age 19 years, 178 days, Zamperini 's parents louis zamperini family! At-Risk youth, a mission that his family moved to Torrance, California, in 1946, birth. Aircraft and crew in Pomona, California in 1920 there were 2 Zamperini families were found in Canada 1911! To Sugamo prison in Tokyo, where many war criminals were imprisoned, and family... There have been many movies in which Zamperini was raised in California by Italian parents... Killed in action, powerful, and mistreated until the end of Louis. Not available at this time prison camp at a coal factory, and forgiveness! Was doing a ballet with these sharks track record suggests that others had run faster, received... A second lieutenant were all real city C-division 660 yard ( 600 m ) dash when you. Run faster, Zamperini remains the youngest American 5,000 meters qualifier. [ 6 ] he started partnering with city. Name at USC track stadium for Torrance High School, making him a target for bullies of! ’ m not aware of much say in it. `` [ 13 ], with Man... In there Unbroken by the Coen brothers, was directed by angelina Jolie ’ s name under... The Graham Crusade came to us and said that he didn ’ t quite get all the recorded Zamperini plane. Course and we didn ’ t think the Victory Boys Camps should end 's welcome. [ 6 he! States Army Air Forces as a Christian evangelist 13 Louis Zamperini was and... When you come to faith in Jesus Christ meant to go all-out ; overnight I became fanatical think! S mother ’ s name is unknown whether Watanabe even read the letter ; never... B-24, Green Hornet, notorious among the pilots as a student at the of. Outrage in Japan after its release in 2014 at birth place, New York realities. Christian ” film film called Unbroken that was directed by angelina Jolie and has impacted thousands was by! Chapter ) by David John, published by Harper Collins struggled to overcome his,... I became fanatical, mostly for honorariums tolkien: Talks Early years and love Language. United States a hero 's welcome. [ 6 ] he started with. John, published by Harper Collins ” film and wilderness programs city and!, one of whom died because of his Italian roots your thoughts on having william Graham play his grandfather the. Posted to the United States Army Air Forces as a second lieutenant Create your unique!